Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Spider-Man Re-Purposed Lawn Chair

I bought this kids lawn chair at a garage sale for $1. I usually see them in the store for about $5.99-$9.99. It's Superman, someone that my kids don't really know. But I thought for a buck, it will be nice to have an extra chair outside when we have friends over. Turns out, I bought some Spider-Man stickers for a birthday banner and I was going to have a ton of stickers left over. Thus, light bulb! The chair was already red, so I decided to take something old, and make something new!

I traced the shape of the cut out on the back of the chair. Then I cut it out, fitting the paper as closely as I could to cover up the image. I put a few Spider-Man stickers on the paper and took the paper outside.

Clear, non-glare/glossy contact paper has many uses! I cut out a shape slightly bigger than my traced shape. I peeled the backing off and put the picture on the sticky paper, Spider-Man side down. Then I trimmed the edges to about a 1/4 inch.
I use this adhesive for scrapbooking. It can be pricey, but I always have a 40% coupon! I sprayed the back of the paper outside. Line it up and press down... Voila! A Spider-Man lawn chair. 

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