Homeschooling is a new adventure for me. Personally, I was public schooled and didn't know there was much of an alternative. Maybe private school, but that was for rich people! However, my husbands family has introduced so many new things to my life. Cloth diapers, Christianity, and much more. My mother-in-law said she homeschool her first 7 children. Not all of them K-12, but at some point. She has passed on an amazing collection of books and manipulatives onto me. My first child has not started school yet, but I have been working with him at home. And soon I will work with my second as well.
I am always looking for ideas of things to do at home. I have so much great stuff, but sometimes I am at a loss on how to use them. Here's a compilation of some of the ideas I've been able to come up with.

Utilizing letter tiles
Word Launch game by LeapFrog

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