Saturday, June 9, 2012

John Deere Themed Birthday Banner

I finally put my Cricut to good use! My sister-in-law always finds the cutest personalized things for her son. Last year, he had an Elmo birthday party. And when I saw the decorations, I thought to my crafty-self, "I could so make that!" She told me they were hand made and bought on I got a Cricut for my birthday (Yay!) and couldn't wait to make something. With only a few weeks until Euan's second birthday, I still hadn't thought of a theme! During a play date at the park, a lawn mower went by and Euan got so excited. He loves lawn mowers! He likes to ride on them with daddy, or have daddy hook up the trailer or wagon and ride around. And it clicked! John Deere birthday! I fould a cartridge for the Cricut on eBay, got themed paper and ribbon on sale at Hobby Lobby and I was ready. Everything turned out absolutely adorable! I think I am going to start my own business :)
(And I did! My Handmade Workshop. Find it here)

Happy Birthday Euan!

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  1. Wonderful banners for birthday at the entrance! Attended few birthday parties at event space NYC last year. All were at different locations and interiors were mind blowing. Still remember one of the vintage set up for my friend's kitty party. Cookies were baked at home and luncheon was quite presentable.