Thursday, October 18, 2012

Utilizing Letter Tiles

My local library has kits for kids. The kits are organized by theme and include books, visual aids, videos, activity books, etc. I think it was a farm theme kit that had a book with an activity book about animals and counting. Theme-o-saurus I think the book is called? The library has copies and I've picked some up for free at book sales.
SO! I flip through and make copies of ideas and activites I like. This one was about matching and counting. There's a cut out with animals and their name, another cut out with the numeral, and yet another cut out with the number written out. At this point, Ethan was becoming very interested in letters. I decided to take this activity a step further and have him find letters and spell out all the animal names and numbers.
I had a bucket of letter tiles from my mother-in-law. She has an awesome collection that she's passed on to me!

(Don't mind his hat and PJs!) We first found the matches of animals and numbers, then found the matching letters.

Here's the result! We didn't have enough tiles to do all the animals and numbers 1-10. However, we did 1-5, then started over for 6-10. This activity took a couple of hours. And it was strongly child-led. It took more encouragement towards the end, but I really wanted him to finish. He was so proud of himself! And that was home-made homeschooling. How fun!

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