Thursday, February 28, 2013

Word Launch from LeapFrog; Learn letters, spelling and new words!

I bought this game called Word Launch made by LeapFrog at a garage sale for $5. My kids love LeapFrog and it teaches letters and spelling. So I thought, why not? $5 seems cheap. And it was! You can find them on amazon, found here. You might be able to find them on eBay too.
I hooked it up to the TV and set everything up. I have a 4 year old and a 2 year old. My eldest is well educated on his letters, but learning sounds and word recognition. My 2 year old is learning his letters. A great balance for the both of them!
One thing that I wasn't expecting for them to learn from this game was taking turns. This is SO hard to teach at home. Along with sitting still! You can always tell who has been in preschool when you go to public events and the kids are all sitting "cris-cross-applsauce" and my children are wandering around. And then to have one child go up for an activity and others have to wait in a line and take turns. My kids don't know what to do! I appreciated how this game would tell each player it was their turn.
My kids were sick with a stomach bug so we were stuck in the house for about 10 days! We stayed in our pajamas (hence, my little Buzz Lightyear child), watched movies and played games. The game will prompt the child with each letter, and where to put it in the word placement. The spaces are color coded as well (lots of learning going on!). 
He said saying "U like Euan!" Aw, love him!

The letters fit into a colored space and each letter has it's own unique code on the back that links with the game. It will tell you if you have the wrong letter or if it's in the wrong space. Also, which each letter the game will also say the sound.

Once the word in complete, hit the big red button and the game does a little victory dance with the word.

What a great buy of only $5! SO MUCH learning in this one game. And it kept them busy for over an hour.

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  1. My mom can buy me that for my birthday. It's worth $15.