Thursday, October 18, 2012

Chronicles of Unconventional Naps

I've captured my kids in some comical situations. But Euan... this kid falls asleep in the most unconventional places and positions. It's brought me many laughs, so I thought I'd share them with you!
As a newborn, he had to be held all the time! And often fell asleep from the constand motion. I later discovered the wonderful joy of a wrap! We were a baby wearing couple.
I know I am breaking the rules here, having the bumbo on the table (shriek!). But it was a big table! I think Euan is around 4 months here. I was making dinner. 

This is actually a picture of my nephew. He is also guilty of falling asleep EVERYWHERE! 

On a road trip back to Washington, the kids were knocked out! Euan was asleep sitting next to me. Ethan, my niece, and nephew were in the back. I love a quiet van.
I was making dinner again, and here he goes. He's not even wearing pants! Good thing his cloth diaper is fashionable :)

2 boys miss their naps, and this is what happens at 6:30 pm. And both boys where moved to their beds without being disturbed and slept through the night!
Yet another missed nap time led to a tired boy on the couch.

The close up is just so precious!

This is one of my favorites. What was Euan doing? He was in a time out. Crying and screaming his eyes out because he wasn't getting his way. Apparently, his blanket was laying on the floor nearby. I thought he calmed down and stopped crying. Well... not exactly. He had cried himself into a coma!

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